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09 Jun, Friday
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World’s Skinniest Skyscraper Opens For Residents

Dubai might house the world’s tallest tower, but now Manhattan is where you’ll find the planet’s thinnest skyscraper. 

Shop Architects’ 111 West 57th Street, or Steinway Tower, has recently had the final touches put on its exterior cladding, meaning it’s now ready for residents to move in, according to developers.

It stands tall at 435 metres, and very thin, with a mere 17.5-metre width, and there is only one residence per floor. The height-to-width ratio is 24:1, which means it’s considered the world’s thinnest supertall skyscraper. It’s also the second tallest in the Western Hemisphere.

For comparison, the Burj Khalifa is 45 metres wide, while New York’s 432 Park Avenue is 28.5 metres.

The tower is located on Billionaires’ Row in Midtown Manhattan and has been under construction for some time. Plans were first announced in 2013 and the project broke ground the next year, but construction was stalled, with financial reasons being cited in 2017.

There are 60 apartments in all on the 84 floors and in the nearby Steinway Hall building. There’s a triplex penthouse at the top. These range in price from $7.5 million (Dh27 million) for a studio to $66m (Dh240 million) for a penthouse, according to property listings.

Uff! Sounds steep for something skinny.

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