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03 Feb, Friday
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UAE warns Netflix over ‘offensive’ content

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (tdrauae) and the Media Regulatory Office in the UAE issued a statement regarding the violating content on the Netflix platform on Tuesday. The statement indicated that it was noticed in the recent period that the Netflix platform broadcast some visual materials and content that violates the controls of media broadcasting in the UAE, and contradicts the societal values of the state.

The statement continued, “The Netflix platform was contacted to remove this content, especially the offending content directed at children, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Media Regulatory Office will follow up on what the platform broadcasts during the coming period, and the extent of its commitment to broadcasting controls in the UAE.

The authorities are applying the necessary procedures in the event of any broadcast articles that conflict with the values of society, and do not comply with the laws and regulations in force in the country. Neighbourning Gulf countries also asked Netflix to remove the offensive content. A joint statement issued on behalf of a committee of the Gulf Cooperation Council made the request, saying the unspecified programs “contradict Islamic and societal values and principles.” Saudi state television also aired a segment suggesting Netflix could be banned in the kingdom over that programming reaching children.
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