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04 Feb, Saturday
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UAE tops World Environmental Performance Index 2022

This year’s Environmental Performance Index 2022 issued by the prestigious Yale University has UAE  as the only country from Middle East and North Africa region. The index monitors the environmental performances of 180 countries across the world, and the UAE has topped the charts globally in 6 indicators out of 40 indicators that were included in the report. The UAE has also ranked third globally in the “ecosystem vitality index”, ahead of Germany, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Since 2006, the EPI (Environmental Performance Index) has been issued every two years, providing in nutshell the state of sustainability based on data making use of 40 performance indicators that cover 11 axes in the report. According to the EPI 2022, UAE has performed remarkably in 6 environmental indicators by topping them. These are marine reserves, ecosystem services, reduced wetland decline, low dependence on domestic solid fuels, low black carbon growth rate, and low carbon dioxide emissions (carbon dioxide from land cover).  Furthermore, the UAE also ranked first regionally in the “indicator of biodiversity and natural habitats” and ” Wastewater Treatment Index”, in which it bagged 13th rank globally, ahead of countries like Spain, France, Japan, Canada and Norway. UAE topped the Arab countries in the “Indicator of lack of unsafe sewage”, according to the report of the Environmental Performance Index 2022. Reiterating its position to achieve the global goal for environment and climate, UAE has inculcated a set of modus operandi, policies and initiatives, including transformation towards a green economy , the energy transition, the state’s general environmental policy, the circular economy policy, and the national plan for climate change. 

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