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06 Feb, Monday
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UAE fuel prices slashed: Here’s how much to pay for a full tank

The UAE has eased fuel prices for the month of September. The price of Super 98 has been reduced to Dhs3.41 per litre in September, compared to Dhs4.03 per litre in August. The price of Special 95 has also pared to Dhs3.30 per litre from Dhs3.92 per litre in August. The UAE fuel committee also lowered the price of diesel to Dhs3.87 per litre in September from Dhs4.14 per litre in August. Meanwhile, 91 E-plus will cost Dhs3.22 in per litre September, compared to Dhs3.84 in August. All prices include the five per cent VAT.

Oil headed for a third monthly drop, the longest declining streak in more than two years, on prospects for slower global growth as central banks tighten policy. The prices announced by the UAE Fuel Price Committee in July were the highest so far since they were liberalised in 2015, to allow them to move in line with the market. In 2020, prices were frozen by the Fuel Price Committee after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The controls were removed in March 2021 to reflect the movement of the market.
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