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26 Sep, Tuesday
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The Great Resignation is coming. And that’s great news!

Quitters are not always losers; they ‘let go’ to win…A growing number of people in the UAE seem to be embracing this mantra.
2022 is all set to be the year of resignations as over half (56 per cent to be precise) of UAE residents look to switch jobs next year, a new survey has indicated.
That’s right people, the Great Resignation is about to hit the UAE!
After the absolutely disappointing year of 2020, employees like you and I, from frontline workers to executives, finally got tired of being underpaid and overworked. And we are no longer willing to take it.

From the US to China, workers are demanding their fair share and are resigning in droves.
And now, this surging wave has reached the UAE.

So, what does it mean for you?

This trend is going to spark a “war for talent”, among employers as they try to keep you happy.
According to Sarah Dixon, managing director at Hays Gulf region, employers will have to do more to retain their workers.

“Salary remains the main motivator for changing jobs, while career development is the number one reason why employees will stay with an employer. The majority (of employees) expect some form of working from home options to be offered as part of a standard employment contract going forward.”

Sarah Dixon, managing director at Hays Gulf region

What’s more! A recent study by recruitment and HR consultancy Cooper Fitch revealed that in 2022, 43 per cent of businesses will be increasing salaries up to 10 per cent and more.

To recap, many people have had enough and are going to resign. So, you have more power to bargain a better deal for yourself. One that lets you earn AND live.

Good luck!

The resident ursine of BuzZzing .com, Mahesh always be found jumping from one obsession to the other and sometimes even writes about them. While not juggling hobbies, writing, and existential crises, he tries to get people to call him Nakashima.

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