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02 Dec, Friday
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The Dubai guide to a chocolatey celebration this World Chocolate Day

Red alert for those with a sweet tooth as the many people of the BuzZzing team do. World Chocolate Day is just a day away on July 7th 2022! While we don’t actually need a reason to indulge in the awesome sweet, it’s nice and delicious to have a day where you can attack some chocolate without any guilt. And we’ve got your tummy covered! Here’s a guide to some of the best offers and dripping-with-chocolate desserts you need to try this week!

Chocolate-Nutella Dosa at Yummy Dosa
In a true east meets the west marriage, Yummy Dosa went and combined crispy dosa with sinful spoonfuls of Nutella and even more chocolate! The best part? You don’t even have to wait for the chocolate day since the chocolate-Nutella dosa is available every day.

photo: Supplied

Free chocolate mousse at Jehangirs

Did someone say free mousse?
At Jehangirs, you’ll be able to get a free chocolate mousse cake when you spend over Dhs150. So expect beautiful clouds of chocolate mouse over a bed of chocolate biscuits and sprinkled with cinnamon!

Photo: Supplied

Nutella-chocolate and banana pizza at SFC

Now that’s what we call yummoavtion. SFC Plus is celebrating this chocolate day with a scrumptious chocolate and banana pizza! Ring the bells, it’s time to eat pizza for dessert.
The medium-sized pizza is priced at AED 26 and is available at all 26 outlets of SFC plus across the UAE.
Don’t tell the Italians though!

photo: Supplied

Sizzling Brownie with Icecream for Vegetarians at Sagar Ratna

Vegetarians! Don’t be sad because the veg and vegan-friendly Sagar Ratnas are here to save y’all! On this international chocolate day, treat yourself with a gooey, hot and sizzling brownie topped with frigid ice cream and nuts! All without eggs!

Photo: Supplied

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