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03 Feb, Friday
° C
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Tesla heads to Dubai desert for ‘extreme heat and durability’ testing

Tesla has conducted extreme heat and durability tests in Dubai, as temperatures reached over 50 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. The tests took place across deserts in the emirate, and the automotive company shared images of the tests. The American multinational automotive and clean energy company took to social media to share stunning images of their vehicles bashing dunes and navigating rugged terrains.

One image shows an engineer driving the ultra-fast X Plaid, touted as the highest performing SUV ever built. According to Tesla, the tri-motor all-wheel-drive can hit 96k kmph from a standstill in less than 2.5 seconds. Another picture shows an engineer posing with a goat. A third picture shows the X Plaid next to a camel. ‘Our field quality engineers head to Dubai at the hottest time of the year for extreme heat and durability testing. Temperatures reach over 122°F/50°C’, the company wrote on Instagram.
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