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Soak in fragrance: Top 5 Arabian perfumes you must have in Dubai

If you find picking out perfumes the daintiest of all shopping experiences, we have got you. Here are the top five fragrances to hit the Arabian perfume market.

Rasasi Hawas

Discover your personality in aromas with Rasasi. Hawas for Him is an aquatic scent that combines cinnamon, bergamot, orange flower, grey amber, and sandalwood to embody masculine strength and vitality.

Get Rasasi Hawas for Dh170.

Shiro by Ajmal

Shiro is cast for daring men. Fresh tangy top notes ring of lemon and rose combined with spicy aquatic woody heart notes provide this mellow enchantment with added resolve. The day-long freshness prolongs to the evening, resting on cedar, amber and musk.

Get Shiro by Ajmal for Dh126.

Ehsas by Al Haramain

The oriental fragrance is unisex and unfurls with the scent of rose, musk, woody, ambergris, citrus, spicy, white flowers in the top note. Woody, musk, ambergris, geranium, marine, artimesia, muguet flowers, aldehyde in the middle note and musk, rose, sandalwood, guaiac wood, moss, tonka bean, ambergris as a base note. Olfactory decrees a souvenir for the day when you are wearing Ehsas, an echo for when it is long gone.

Get Al Haramain Ehsas for Dh110.

Swiss Arabian Layali Eau De Parfum

If you are looking for a sweet and floral scent, you may have found the one. Layali by Swiss Arabian is a floral fruity fragrance for women. The top notes are plum, black currant and orange blossom; the middle notes are ylang-ylang, jasmine and rose; the base notes are amber and agarwood.

Get Layali by Swiss Arabian for Dh65.

Ghawali Al Athal Oud De Parfum

Belonging to the spicy oriental family, this perfume has rose, floral bouquet and incense in its heart. The top notes are adorned with aldehydes and cloves while base notes include amber, musk and vanilla with an addition of Indian Dehn al Oud.

Get Ghawali Al Athal Oud De Parfum for Dh990.

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