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29 May, Monday
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We’ve always heard of people trying to walk on thin ice, well, for an ice skater that is not really an ice breaker, because it’s what they do literally at the world’s highest ice skating rink in Paris. Under the beautiful Parisian landscape, the rooftop of the Tour Montparnasse, now home to the rink, boasts a 230 square metre area, 210 metres  above street level.

Although that does sound dangerous at first, the rink, built by Boaz Concept, reassures you a safe and sound experience, keeping you ready to dazzle on ice. Protective barrier zones and high sides help you keep that balance intact as you slide through the ice. 

It doesn’t just end here, the rink is home to a food court offering hot dogs, waffles, pancakes and hot chocolate fountains.

Although, it will certainly be freezing cold. So bring a few  jackets along, some ski gloves to keep your hands warm and get ready to immerse yourself in a winter wonderland at Montparnasse. The price for a thirty minute session is Dh47 for children and Dh97 for adults.

The rink welcomes skaters from February 5 to March 6. 

Happy skating!

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