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27 Sep, Wednesday
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Sharjah Safari to reopen for a new season on this day

The world’s largest safari outside Africa will open for its third season on September 21. The Sharjah Safari will welcome visitors from 8.30am to 6pm. Ticket prices start from Dh40 for adults and Dh15 for children for a walking tour. Rates range between Dh120 and Dh275 for adults for tours through the sanctuary.

The park has expanded its animal collection, welcoming a diverse range of species across mammals, reptiles, and birds. More than 200 animals have been born at the sanctuary, including the Scimitar oryx, an extinct African species. The Al Bridi Nature Reserve spot which replicates a real African safari is a surefire way to keep the whole family entertained as it is the UAE’s largest wildlife attraction.
At around 800 hectares, the park is huge and home to more than 1000 animals and birds, with 120 species represented including giraffes, gazelles, lions, elephants, flamingos, rhinos and crocodiles. Wowzers.
It isn’t just wildlife that you can feast your eyes on at the safari park as there are over 1000 local and African trees on the whopping plot.
For those who want to tick seeing major animals off their lists then it is worth keeping your eyes peeled while at the safari park as there is the chance to catch a glimpse of a rare black rhino as well as a radiator tortoise and lesser spotted marabou stork.
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