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24 Mar, Friday
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Sharjah announces restaurant guidelines for Ramadan

As Ramadan is approaching , Sharjah Municipality has announced new rules for food outlets to operate and display food during fasting hours. There are two kinds of permits, according to the Sharjah Municipality. One is to have displays during the day for food preparation and display at eateries, including those inside shopping centres. The fee for this permit is Dh3,000. The other permit is to display snacks in front of eateries just before Iftar — the meal taken by Muslims to end their fast around sunset. The fee for this permit is Dh500.

What are the service channels for permit application ?

-Food control section counter
-Suburbs affairs department
-Industrial area 5

What are the operation requirements?

-Food serviced in outside premises only
-No customers allowed in dining halls
-Food preparation and cooking are only allowed inside kitchens

What are the food display requirement ?

-Display of food is allowed outside premises on sidewalks, provided the external environment is not sandy
-Food is to be displayed in a glass box with a sliding or hinged door (at least 100cm high)
-Food is to be placed in stainless steel containers
-Food is to be covered with food-grade aluminium foil or plastic wrap
-Packaging materials have to be food-grade quality

-Food is to be kept at appropriate temperatures, not refrigerated or frozen
-Displayed food must be prepared by the permit holder

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