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07 Feb, Tuesday
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Rolls Royce picks Dubai for first ‘private office’ outside Britain

It’s no surprise that Dubai is gradually becoming the unofficial haven for luxury cars. And when it comes to luxury cars, there’s no other brand more synonymous with it than Rolls Royce. Acknowledging the rise of this luxury-centric market, Rolls Royce, for the first time, will be setting up its first private office outside the UK, in Dubai. Rolls Royce’s new Private Office Dubai will be the British marquee brand’s extension of its Goodwood roots outside the UK. Located at The Offices 4, One Central, the Private Office Dubai will be home to the first bespoke designer and client experience manager located permanently outside Goodwood. The Private Office Dubai will be the first of many such facilities to pop open across the globe over the coming years. 

The Private Office will look over three critical programs for the brand: the Coachbuild programme, High Bespoke Commissioning and access to the Private Office Collection of one-of-one masterpiece cars. Rolls Royce claims these Private Offices will go beyond the dealership experience to offer something seen only at Goodwood, the brand’s home office. Each customer will have a unique profile tailored to their preferences, desires and ergonomic needs. The design team will get tasked to gauge each personality, assess colour palettes and moods, and draw a befitting product response that reflects the client’s desires.

Similar to the process followed in Goodwood, each client can discuss customisations and direct their design desires directly with the engineers and craftspeople. Upon the product completion, representatives from the Private Office will personally hand over the car and a hardcopy keepsake of the process by way of a Bespoke Build Book. Michelle Lusby will take over design reins at the Private Office Dubai after working with the British marquee for over eight years. Her history with bespoke projects is extensive, including the one-of-one Phantom Serenity. The Client Experience Manager position sees Chris Hardy’s appointment with over five years with the brand and counting.

Private sessions can be booked via the local dealer in Dubai. The Private Office is located in The Offices 4, One Central, Dubai.

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