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03 Feb, Friday
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Red alert issued in UAE as hail, heavy rain hit parts of the country

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued a red alert on Wednesday and warned residents of extreme hazardous weather. The weather department has issued code-red alerts as Al Ain is witnessing heavy rain accompanied by hail. Red signifies ‘hazardous weather events of exceptional severity are forecast’ and advises residents to be “extremely vigilant”.

Among several other areas in Al Ain, Al Tiwayyah, Al Qattarah, Nahil, Bada Bint Saoud, and Alamera are experiencing hazardous weather. Authorities have reported heavy rains with hail and warned residents of extreme conditions.New videos posted on Instagram by Storm Centre show heavy rains accompanied by hail in Al Ain region.

Abu Dhabi Police also called on the public to keep away from Al Ain City’s valleys and other watersheds. The authority urged everyone to be cautious and to follow instructions and safety guidelines.

They urged motorists to abide by the variable speed limits displayed on the electronic sign boards. Speed limits in the capital are automatically reduced to 80kmph on some roads during adverse weather conditions.
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