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Ramadan 2023: Holy month begins in UAE on Thursday

It’s official. The holy month of Ramadan will begin in the UAE on Thursday, March 23. The moon-sighting committee met at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department after maghrib (sunset) prayers on Tuesday and announced it could not yet spot a new crescent moon, meaning Ramadan would begin on Thursday, state news agency Wam reported. The committee announced that tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22, will be the 30th day of Sha’ban.

The holiest month of the year in Islam, Ramadan is observed by more than 1.9 billion Muslims. It is said to be the month the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. During the month, which lasts either 29 or 30 days, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Eid Al Fitr and the first of Shawwal — the 10th month in the Islamic calendar — is expected to be on either April 21 or 22, but will be confirmed closer to the time.

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