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27 Sep, Wednesday
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Planning to celebrate UAE National Day : Check out these protocols

As UAE residents are gearing up for National Day celebration and long holiday, the Ministry of Interior on Friday announced a number of rules that must be followed to ensure public safety. In a tweet, the ministry, which oversees police operations in the country listed several rules, most of them are related to traffic order and vehicle regulations.

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Marches and random gatherings are prohibited
  2. Those celebrating the National Day must abide by traffic rules and instructions of police personnel.
  3. Using spray of all types is prohibited, whether by motorists, passengers or pedestrians
  4. Front or back number plate must not be effaced, and vehicle color may not be changed, and no blackout or windshield tinting is allowed
  5. Writing any phrases or putting inappropriate stickers on the vehicle is prohibited
  6. Vehicles may not carry passengers more than the authorized number and no passenger may get out of the windows and open the sunroof of the vehicle at all times.
  7. Vehicles may not be provided with noise materials or have unlicensed additions into the engine structure or extensions that restrict visibility.
  8. Motorists are not allowed to disrupt traffic or block others’ roads
  9. Reckless driving is not permitted on internal or external roads.
  10. It is illegal to cover the side windows and front and rear windshields of the vehicle with stickers or place a front sunshade
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