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06 Dec, Tuesday
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Netflix’s new reality series Dubai Bling: Everything you need to know 

What does luxury mean in Dubai? With the release of the brand-new Netflix series “DUBAI BLING,” viewers will have the chance to connect intimately with the diverse group of 10 self-made millionaires.

“Dubai Bling”, a show ready to release by Netflix is a relatively novel reality show concept. It’s an opportunity to interact closely with the eclectic group of 10 self-made millionaires who are the stars of the brand-new Arabic drama. Different Productions is the producer of Dubai Bling .The show will release on Netflix on October 27. The first-season character reveal trailer is now available.

Who will be cast in Dubai Bling?

Netflix increased suspense by revealing the main characters’ names a week before the show releases. The featured cast includes actors from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, India, and Australia. Here are all the cast members you need to know.

1.   Loujain Adadah  – Lebanese Socialite
2.   Ebraheem Al Samadi- Businessman and Kuwaiti millionaire
3.   Farhana Bodi – Social Media Influencer
4.   Lojain Oman- Tv host and Celebrity
5.   Kris Fade – Radio host and Entrepreneur
6.   Brianna Ramirez – Kris Fade’s partner
7.   Safa Siddiqui – London-based Housewife
8.   Zeina Khoury – Real Estate CEO
9.   Marwan al-Awadhi – AKA DJ Bliss and  Vivacious Vlogger
10. Dana Mohammed- Vlogger

Since Dubai is a haven of luxury and opportunity for the courageous to thrive, it also has a significant impact on people’s success. In Dubai Bling, the viewer will see their tale as well as the magnificent beauty of the desert city through the eyes of some of its most notable people. The reality show will give us a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of the 10 millionaires, which are full of drama, luxury, and glamour. You can watch the teaser, which combines images of the well-known Dubai skyline, famous sites, and party scenes with images of luxury cars, yachts, private helicopters, pricy jewellery, and mansions.


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