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29 May, Monday
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Look: Inside The Museum Of The Future 

Post the grand opening yesterday, the Museum of the Future is officially now accepting visitors starting today. 

Entry tickets to the newest attraction are priced at Dh145, with children, people of determination and Emirati senior citizens entering for free.

The museum is shaped like a torus with an eliptical void, but a giant oval hula hoop may be better as a layman’s example. Lath Carlson, executive director of the Museum of the Future, prefers to liken it to an eye. “We struggle a bit to describe the building to people who haven’t seen it,” he admitted. “There is nothing that quite evokes the shape.”

Ever driven on the Sheikh Zayed Road and seen that building with the Arabic calligraphy-infused exterior. From the glimpse we witnessed yesterday, the interior is equally impressive. 

Virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence and offer multi-sensory experiences inside the museum .

The museum’s official website says each floor is like a “film set from a future that you can inhabit, explore and interact with”.

Local architectural firm Killa Design won the design competition for the museum in 2015. It conceptualized the shape. According to the architectural firm, the solid part of the structure represents the knowledge that we have in the present as we know it. The void represents all that we do not yet know – in other words, the future that is unknown.

The Museum of the Future has floors dedicated to transformed experiences. Three floors feature immersive exhibitions that are focused on the potential futures of various things, including notably outer space, health and wellbeing, ecosystems and bioengineering.

This is no ordinary museum, with ancient objects and scriptures behind velvet ropes. It is a gateway to the world we have not yet imagined, crafted by visionary designers, artists and filmmakers. The museum combines elements of exhibition, immersive theatre and themed attraction. Each floor is synonymous to a film set from a future that you can inhabit, explore and interact with, said the official website of the Museum Of The Future.

Below is a list of some of the many features you can explore at MOTF: 

Tomorrow Today

Discover transformative technologies on the brink of changing the world. The ‘Tomorrow Today’ exhibition will be ever evolving as we learn, discover and continue to create more helpful technologies. The technology hub of this futuristic space is where you explore how technology influences all aspects of our future; from environment to human health and wellness,  to cultural and social issues. This exhibition is set to be one of the most interesting, particularly as we live in technology and data-driven times.

Journey to the Future

In this exhibition, you can be an astronaut as you virtually visit a space station that rests 600km above earth. Become a space explorer, as you get a first hand experiene of  the efforts made by astronauts in space. Witness how the moon could be harnessed in its power to create a renewable energy source for humans to rely on.

Digital Amazon

Go where no man has gone yet and discover the depths of the Amazon rainforest with a mixed-reality re-creation as you delve deeper into the lives of  hundreds of species of animals and insects , usually invisible to the naked eye.

The Vault of Life

The Vault of Life is a DNA library containing wonders of nature and its various species. Discover man’s role in repairing the damages of global warming.

The Future of Wellness

Glued to your smartphone,  here you can escape  the digital nomad life as they can reunite with mind, body and spirit while taking time to detach from the digital world.

Know any more trivia about the Museum of the Future? Let us know in the comments section below.

Have you booked your tickets already? If not head over to the website www.museumofthefuture,ae

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