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06 Feb, Monday
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Instagram ditches long video posts, turns everything into reels

It looks like Meta truly is making a big push for Reels. Recently, Instagram has declared that video posts under 15 minutes will be shared as reels. With this change, all video posts will also have access to Reels creative editing tools, to help make your videos more fun and engaging. However, using in-app editing tools is optional—you can still post videos without editing them in the app, while also benefiting from the same full-screen, immersive experience as Reels.

 This move doesn’t come as a surprise when the TikTok-style videos have quickly become a popular format on both Instagram and Facebook. Apparently, time spent viewing the short-form videos has more than doubled since last year, with 80 percent of that growth coming from Facebook. That’s why the company will go as far as to redesign Instagram’s and Facebook’s home pages to better incorporate the short videos. Turning all video posts into Reels would give the company more content to circulate, which in turn would translate to more time viewing videos on the platform and bigger potential ad earnings for when the format is finally monetized. That said, not all experimental Instagram features make it to wide release, and it remains to be seen whether this one will survive the testing phase.
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