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07 Jun, Wednesday
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If you hate coriander, THEN, seize the day friends

Nothing brings people together like a shared dislike. And if you  dislike the herb ‘coriander’ then today’s your day. It’s I hate Coriander Day. 

There’s a day to celebrate everything. Sometimes, that includes collective hatred too. Well, if you hate coriander and want to dish it out of your meals, today’s the day you rejoice guilt-free. No one from the healthy gang will come after you. 

Whether you’ve known it as coriander or cilantro, there’s no denying the fact that this herb splits people on both sides of the coin, one that hates it . Read on to find out  why such a humble herb creates so much havoc to your palettes.

Just in time for the holidays, Chipotle has released its own cilantro soap. It is a joke, because cilantro  tastes soapy to some, but also it is real, in the sense that it costs $8 (Dh30) and is actually soap. For others it’s dead bugs (yes, it’s been synonymous in texture. So how can something so common in our kitchens be so divisive?

The  ‘International I Hate Coriander Day’, was founded by Austrian Facebook page three years ago, and continues as a movement to thrive with thousands of people participating in the day of disgust and distaste for cilantro.

Restaurants and home-chefs who use the ingredient to provide a delicious nuance to our curries and soups. Yet, many describe it as a green slice of hell. 

A Twitter user online said that he is celebrating by not having coriander. In fact, this holiday is such a good idea that  he shall celebrate it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.

Greens aren’t the yummiest , but we sure didn’t know that there’s such a big movement against cilantro. Do you know any more interesting facts about the herb? Share it with us. Don’t forget to like and tag us @BuzzzingUAE

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