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27 Sep, Wednesday
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Dubai to reopen Al Maktoum Int’l Airport in May

Al Maktoum International, Dubai’s second airport, is all set to reopen in May to scheduled, commercial passenger flights for the first time since the pandemic started.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, was quoted by Reuters as saying: Al Maktoum will handle some passenger flights that typically operate from Dubai International during refurbishment works at the main hub that will close one of its two runways for 45 days.

Airlines that operated out of the second airport before the pandemic will continue to operate flights there after the 45 days, the report added.

From last December, Dubai International (DXB) started operating at 100 per cent capacity. The opening of the final phase of Concourse A at Terminal 3 took place then.

DXB clocked 29.1 million in annual passenger traffic in 2021, retaining the world’s busiest airport tag for the eighth consecutive year.

The airport welcomed a record number of new airlines connecting Dubai to new destinations, according to a press release from DXB.

“Despite unprecedented turmoil affecting millions of people all over the world, we overcame many serious obstacles to the operation of the world’s largest international hub and provided smooth, comfortable and safe travel for millions of people travelling through DXB. This incredible performance by all of our staff and stakeholders was achieved in the face of abruptly changing travel regulations and concerns about new waves of infection. Despite these serious challenges to our ongoing success, we managed to exceed our own forecasts and continue to retain our crown as the world’s busiest international airport,” said Griffiths.

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