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26 Sep, Tuesday
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Dubai nightlife goes cyberpunk: MetaTerrace is here

Confused. Perplexed. A little flabbergasted. 

That was all of us when the Chief Zuckster (A totally human human) and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced a rebrand of Facebook into Meta. 

In what felt like a fever dream, he announced a melding of the real and digital realms ala Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. 

But the fact remains that no one really knows what the Metaverse is. Until now (sort of).

We can’t tell you what the future holds, but we can tell you how clubbing will be.  

ColossalBit, a Dubai-based consulting, advisory, design, and development firm for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs, has announced the launch of MetaTerrace.

The highlight of the club is a room where people can wear VR glasses and access alternative worlds, meet like-minded individuals, have drinks, and engage in NFT and cryptocurrency discussions (whatever that means).

MetaTerrace also accepts payments in crypto. 

The best part, it’s launching tonight and can be found in Central Park Towers DIFC. 

Ready to get tipsy in tomorrow?

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