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26 Mar, Sunday
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DEWA becomes world’s first utility company to use ChatGPT

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) on Wednesday announced that it will add ChatGPT technology to its services in a world-first for a utility company. The utility services provider said the aim is to provide services supported by this technology and employ it in serving customers and employees.

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has been developed by intelligence research laboratory OpenAI, whose founders include Twitter owner Elon Musk.  The chatbot has been the biggest topic of conversation in technology and has signed up 100 million monthly users since its launch in November 2022.  According to a statement, Dubai’s utility intends to use the chatbot through its Moro Hub, a “Digital DEWA” company that offers next-generation digital and cloud services.  

DEWA noted that the chatbot, which has grown in popularity due to its ability to produce compelling essays, can “interact with users through dialogue”. It is also capable of writing programming codes and solving coding problems, in addition to its ability to create different scenarios. 

If DEWA manages to integrate the AI-powered technology in its products or services, it will be the first utility globally and the first UAE entity to use ChatGPT.  

“The move underlines DEWA’s pioneering successes in all digital areas and is a continuation of its use of artificial intelligence (AI), which started in 2017 by developing an AI roadmap,” the statement said.  

Photo Courtesy : Reuters

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