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26 Sep, Tuesday
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Cool architectural masterpieces in Dubai that will blow your mind

Dubai is known as a rapidly advancing city of the world. But it wasn’t always this way. From a small village, it has transformed into a city with its skyline with creative and inspired architecture. Home to some of the most amazing futuristic mega projects in the world, Dubai has the world’s tallest building and the tallest hotel. But that’s not all. There are plenty of achievements and we’ve got a few of them for you right here.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai and Burj Khalifa go hand in hand. But do you know the magic portion that created it? It was mixed with architectural intelligence and hard work for its rightful place as the tallest building in the world since 2010.

Stretching to 828 meters, designed by Chicago-based architect Adrian Smith, the tower also contains the world’s highest mosque on the 158th floor, the world’s highest swimming pool, on the 76th floor, and the world’s highest viewing platform, on the 124th floor. The building takes advantage of “natural air conditioning,” which takes in cooler air at the tower’s top before circulating it throughout the building.

Did you know? The building’s shape reflects Islamic architecture and is said to be inspired by the indigenous desert flowers. All this makes Burj Khalifa one of the best pieces of architecture in Dubai

Cayan Tower- Dubai Marina

The world’s most massive residential tower shoots up with a height of 306 meters like a modern beanstalk. It was designed by world-famous architect firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill for Dubai. Completed in 2013, the Cayan Tower is one of the eye-catching towers found in Dubai.

This majestic helical design was achieved by rotating each floor 1.2 degrees clockwise so that the 75-storey tower twists a whopping 90 degrees.

This architectural masterpiece of Dubai has 73 stories with rooms designed in such a way that ample sunlight is mitigated. The apartments provide additional solar shading.


Created by the world-famous architect, Zaha Hadid and the Omniyat properties, The Opus, is beautifully designed to provide luxury apartments to people with stylish interiors to give home-away-from-home sensibility.

All are housed inside the unique structure, comprising two glass towers joined by a steel and glass bridge, creating a striking gap in the building’s centre.

The Opus is home to residential properties as well as commercial buildings including the Spanish Luxury Hotel – ME. This lavish hotel with 93 rooms has 15 bars and restaurants with world-class facilities for all its guests. Located near the Burj Khalifa, the cube-like tower is used for commercial and retail development. Envisioned by the Pritzker Prize Winner – Zaha Hadid, this multipurpose project is another masterpiece of architecture in Dubai.

Dubai Frame

Nowhere in the world is the blend of old and new more apparent than in Dubai. In the north of the city, Old Dubai is a maze of alleyways, lively souks, and centuries-old fortresses. To the south, the Downtown Dubai skyline looks to have been plucked straight from the script for ‘Blade Runner’. Perfectly positioned between the two, the Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park captures that juxtaposition, presenting scenes of the “old” from one side, and the “new” from the other. 

The largest picture frame in the world at 492-feet-high and 344-feet-wide, over 9,900 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, 2,000 tons of steel, and 2,900 square meters of laminated glass were used in its construction.

This gold structure was conceived by Fernando Donis and opened in January 2018, offering visitors 360-degree views from the glass-bottomed bridge that spans the top of the frame.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

They’re the fraternal twins of Dubai’s skyline (two buildings that are a whole lot alike, but not completely identical).

Jumeirah Emirates Tower One, the taller of the pair at almost 355 meters, has offices across its 54 floors. Tower Two, meanwhile, stands at 309 meters and largely serves as a luxury hotel with 400 rooms.

They’re both capped with distinctive equilateral triangles, and both are covered in silver aluminum panels, with silver and copper reflective glassmaking for interesting plays of light across the buildings’ facades.

These towers, designed by architect Hazel Wong, were the tallest skyscrapers to be designed by a woman upon their completion in 2000. 

Are you as intrigued with these stunning structures in Dubai as I am?

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