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06 Dec, Tuesday
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BuzZzing reviews – What’s cooking at Dolce Green

Bluewater Island in Dubai teems with foodies on weekends. This weekend was no different. But rather than reviewing the traditional steak or burger (which is never a bad idea), the BuzZzing team decided to go the healthy route. 

The name is Green, Dolce Green

The night time views at Bluewaters are almost surreal, barring the hundreds that crowd around the steel fence to get their mandatory selfie. But if you want them out of your view, all you have to do is head up the stairs and walk around to get to Dolce Green. As you’re ushered in, you get the option to sit at a table or a beanbag to enjoy your meal. But the coolest part is while you’re standing there contemplating the comfort of the beanbag, you look straight ahead, and find an open window that leads into a balcony overlooking the entire island. A beautiful marina with pretty lights across it, kids running across the bridge trying to get the perfect picture,  as the tourists and residents hustle and bustle under the wooden platform you’re standing on and…. snap. “Sir, have you decided where you would like to be seated?”, the hostess asks as she brings me back to reality. “Beanbag, definitely beanbag.”

The Menu 

The menu was like any other health cafe I’d seen across Dubai before, but what caught my attention was ‘Hawaiian Poke’. Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna — which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. So, those of you who love sushi, this is the evolution. It’s relatively expensive to other restaurants that serve the same, but thanks to ‘Entertainer’, you can two for the price of one; which means the Dh80 bowl is Dh40 per person (Dh80 for two bowls). 

The food itself was fresh, you could tell by the way the tuna tasted, with its near melt texture and oceanic taste. The other  ingredients in the bowl are for you to choose. I went for corn, edmame, chickpeas and soy mayo for that extra kick. 

The menu also has healthy burgers, salads and a variety of cool looking desserts, all reasonably priced and perfect for an after gym snack. 

The Vibe

The view was already surreal, but I realised the vibe inside the cafe was pretty cool too. The speakers, who I wasn’t able to spot, played pop tracks with a happy-go-lucky tone and made me feel, yup you guessed it, happy. The wooden floor and walls played a role too; feeding into the serenity we were surrounded by, felt like a peaceful tiki hut that belonged to the customers. The tables on the inside were distanced enough to avoid overhearing another’s conversation but close enough to bar you from hearing the sound of your smoothie being prepared. Also, for you insta-holics, there’s a hot pink halogen sign on the inside that says “Good Vibes Only”. We got you and you’re feed covered, thank us later (wink).

All-in-all, the food was decent but the view, music and ambience was almost like an escape from the hubbub of the city. Perfect for a chill night with friends and family.

Let us know how your experience at Dolce Green was. You can also tell us which places you’d want us to try next.

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