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25 Mar, Saturday
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Are you February-born ? Get a special birthday shoutout from Burj Khalifa

If you or your loved ones’ birthday falls before the end of February, you can have the longest greeting card in the world! In a new initiative, Dubai’s iconic skyscraper Burj Khalifa will be lit up with ‘Happy Birthday to You’ messages every day. Birthday messages on Burj Khalifa will be posted every day until February 28 and invites those commemorating their special day to take pictures with the illuminated structure.

The displays are set to take place from 8:45 PM every night and will last for just over three minutes, giving people plenty of time to snap pictures of themselves against the luminous backdrop. The announcement was made on Burj Khalifa’s Instagram account on Monday in a post that stated: “Your special celebrations are ours too! Celebrate your birthday everyday with Burj Khalifa at 8:45 PM until the end of February.” It is not intended to identify any specific individuals, so the greeting is open to all Februarians. All those celebrating can head down to the Dubai Mall waterfront promenade for selfies and videos with the special birthday shoutout.

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