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06 Feb, Monday
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A brand new immersive show is heading to Infinity des Lumieres

Infinity des Lumieres’ new show Gaudi, Kandinsky & Klee: Raise Vibration is going to be a different cultural experience altogether. Located in The Dubai Mall, the largest digital art venue in the GGC will focus on the masterpieces of three influential, highly visual artists in one immersive, larger-than-life digital art exhibition. From 130 projectors, 58 speakers and 3,000 moving images on a projectable surface, cutting-edge digital technology will transform the pictorial elements of artwork into a captivating and engaging multisensory experience. The show will open on Wednesday, September 21 and consist of three spaces. Each space will be dedicated to the artwork of one of the artists and take visitors 15 minutes to explore.

Gaudi :

Antoni Gaudí was a Catalan architect from Spain and is known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. His name may not sound familiar, but his buildings in Barcelona are some of the most famous across the world.

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Wassily Kandinsky :

Kandinsky is the name thats strike first when we talk about abstract art. His work uses a lot of geometric forms, lines, and colours which he strongly believes could express the inner life of the artists.

Photo : supplied

The tickets will go on sale from August 10.

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