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06 Feb, Monday
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4 outdoor attractions in Dubai you need to visit before they close for summer

UAE temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius, means summer is well on its way. Well, that means this may be your last chance to catch these outdoor attractions in Dubai.

Global Village

Season 26 of Global Village is now in full swing, and welcoming guests every day (Tuesday is exclusively for ladies and families) until April 10. As Dubai’s top multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, Global Village brings together kiosks, food stalls, retailers and entertainment from across the globe. For 167 days of the winter season, visitors can enjoy an abundance of attractions, dining options, and shows for the whole family, as well as a one-stop shop for clothing, homewares, accessories, gadgets, spices and so much more.

Dubai Garden Glow

You can’t miss this glow park as you pass by Zabeel Park. The outdoor neon park is a great place for the whole family and stands out on your ‘Gram. If you have already before last summer, you need to know that there is a new attraction called ‘Glowing Safari’ and it features lit animals, a flower valley complete with moving flowers, a sparkling butterfly path and more – all created using over 10 million energy-saving lights. For those of you wondering, the Dinosaur Park that features more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs can still be found at the park.

Currently, tickets are available to book online until May 29 which means the park may be closing its doors from May 30.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai’s most floral space closes its doors over the summer for two reasons. One is the (hot) weather, and the second is planning and prepping for the next season. When it opened its doors in November 2021, it celebrated its 10th anniversary and visitors had a new attraction to visit –Smurfs Village. Visitors can explore the Smurf’s home – a forest of mushroom house, get photos of the Smurf topiaries (plant sculptures) and check out the Smurf activity area. There are also new floral installations in this year’s edition including a three-dimensional clock, a floating rock with a fountain, floral peacocks, as well as two floral exhibits inspired by favourite characters: a Genie and a flying magic carpet.

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is home to about 3,000 animals. At the park, you will find tigers, gibbons and moon bears, lions, elephants, giraffes, camels, Arabian onyx, Arabian wolves and mountain gazelles and much more. When mercury levels rise, the park closes its doors to protect the health of the animals (and well, for visitors alike). And as it’s already quite warm, you can opt for the ticket that includes the bus service.

Last year Dubai Safari Park closed its doors end of May and it looks like it may do the same this year as tickets currently can only be purchased until May 31 on the official website.

Which attraction are you going to miss most once Summer seeps in?

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