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03 Feb, Friday
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27 new pavillions confirmed for Global Village season 27

Here are few updates on Global Village season 27

Global Village announced the first preview of new experiences and venue enhancements visitors can look forward to in the new season set to open on October 25. As of now, no end date has been announced, but the cultural entertainment destination usually remains open for six months, so we can expect it to close sometime in April 2023.

What’s new this time ?

A new venture in Season 27 is the Road of Asia concept. ‘Road of Asia’ is a new pedestrian street featuring 43 kiosks from 13 Asian countries that are not represented through the 27 pavilions. Road of Asia will showcase diverse cultures and traditions from one of the world’s most populous continents, home to several of the world’s oldest civilizations.

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The vibrant outlets will offer guests 100 per cent authentic products from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Philippines.

Countries that are participating in the new season :

The pavilions confirmed this season are UAE, KSA, Qatar (new), Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Africa, Americas, China, Egypt, Europe, India, Iran, Oman (new), Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Yemen, Russia.

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