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27 Sep, Wednesday
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200 homeopathy doctors to converge at 4th International Homeopathy Conference in UAE

Homeopathy is all the rage now. According to the World Health Organization, Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine followed and is widely accepted all over the world and has been so, for more than 200 years.  Specifically, to the UAE, Homeopathy was legally regulated in 2002 with an initial test batch of practitioners. From this humble start, Homeopathy now has a place in most medical centers in the UAE. Dr Rozina Baig Zaheer, Homeopathic practitioner at Zia medical centre, and the Convenor for the Remedium 4.0 says, “UAE is a home to diversities, cultures, beliefs and traditions where people have their perspective towards a lifestyle they adopt and the same applies when it comes to acceptance of a specific Health care system as well”.

With a storied history in the UAE, it’s no wonder that the fourth International Homeopathy Conference will be held at Swissotel Al Murooj, Dubai, on November 20th, 2022. Dr Alphonse Dsouza, President of IHMA UAE and the Conference Chairman says, “The purpose of hosting this international conference in the UAE is to firstly, celebrate the successful journey of two decades of Homeopathy in the UAE. We chose UAE because it’s growing as a hub in Healthcare and has acquired a prominent place in the healthcare map over the years. It’s very important for us healthcare workers & providers to come together to promote the healthcare system we practice as a part of this revolution in the medical field.”

The Speakers for the Conference are renowned Homeopathic practitioners Dr. Saptarshi Banerjee from Kolkata and Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ali from Kozhikode, Kerala who would be highlighting the scope of Homeopathy in Dermatology. Homeopathy’s popularity and acceptance have been driven by the fact that it treats the root problems, is cost-effective, available Over-The-Counter, and can be used alongside allopathy or traditional medicines without many side effects.

Dr Rashni Vijeth, homeopathic practitioner at Ayurmana Center, and an active member in the organising committee IHMA-UAE, says that ever since the Ministry of Health and Prevention approved the practice of Homeopathy in the UAE, Homeopathy has not only grown popular among South Asians alone but also amongst the Emiratis and Arab expats. However, Homeopathy still comes with scepticism when it comes to its acceptance among the masses and is overshadowed by its myths and realities. Despite this, it is a science whose scope has been undermined, yet it has been evolving and strengthening its roots as a popular choice.

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